Products - BABYLISS Hydro-Fusion Styler 2573U

BABYLISS Hydro-Fusion Styler 2573U

The BaByliss Hydro-Fusion Hair Straightener featuring Advanced Plasma technology is a high performance styler that delivers a sleek smooth frizz-free results with enhanced shine.
With even heat distribution, frizz control and shine enhancement, this feature empowers you to create stunning looks while maintaining the health and integrity of your hair. Whether you’re aiming for sleek straight locks or beautifully defined curls, these plates ensure your styling dreams become reality.

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Advanced plasma technology

This innovative dual ionic system combines positive and negative ions to create moisture-balancing marvel.
As you straighten, these ions work harmoniously to hydrate your hair and banish frizz, resulting in a flawlessly smooth finish that exudes luxurious shine.

25x120mm ceramic coated plates

Designed to cater to a range of styling needs, measuring 25x120mm, these ceramic plates offer a balanced combination of size and efficiency.
The width provides optimal coverage for each section of hair, while the length ensures quicker styling sessions by accommodating larger portions of hair in one glide.

Curved housing & floating plates design

Curved housing design – empowers you to experiment with captivating curls, waves and intricate styles, alongside flawlessly straight locks.

Floating plates – provides consistent pressure on your hair, preventing excessive heat exposure and ensuring an even, impeccable finish.

Salon-standard with max. temperature of 235°C

Achieve the perfect straight for your hair with the 235°C high heat setting.
This temperature is ideal for creating your desired hairstyles with utmost precision, ensuring that even the mist stubborn strands are tamed and transformed.

5 digital temperature settings

Customize your styling experience with four temperature settings (150°C, 170°C , 190°C, 210°C, 235°C) to suit all hair types and textures.
Whether you have fine, normal or thick hair, this styler has the perfect setting for you
Digital temperature display – allowing you to monitor and adjust it according to your preferences.

45 seconds – instant heat up

No more waiting around!
The styler heats up in just 45 seconds, saving you time and getting ready to style your hair in a flash.

60 minutes – auto safety shut off

Safety is priority.
The auto shut off feature activates after 60 minutes of inactivity, giving you peace of mind even if you accidentally forget to turn it off.

Plate lock mechanism

The plate lock mechanism allows for easy storage and portability, ensuring your Beach Waver stays secure and protected when not in use.

Heat protection mat

Offers a safe place to rest your styler while it cools down, preventing any potential damage.

2.5m swivel cord

The 2.5-metre swivel cord offers maneuverability and not easy to get tangled, allowing you to move freely while styling your hair without any restrictions.

• 2 years warranty
• Official sole distributor in Malaysia
• Product certified with local authority approval (ST, SIRIM, etc.)