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  • BABYLISS Hydro-Fusion Styler 2573U

    The BaByliss Hydro-Fusion Hair Straightener featuring Advanced Plasma technology is a high performance styler that delivers a sleek smooth frizz-free results with enhanced shine.
    With even heat distribution, frizz control and shine enhancement, this feature empowers you to create stunning looks while maintaining the health and integrity of your hair. Whether you’re aiming for sleek straight locks or beautifully defined curls, these plates ensure your styling dreams become reality.

  • BABYLISS Super Smooth Wide Hair Straightener 2597U

    The BaByliss Super Smooth Wide Hair Straightener designed to cater to longer, thicker hair types, this remarkable straightener features wider plates that allow you to effortlessly glide through large sections of hair, delivering fast and stunning results. The cutting-edge Advanced Ceramic™ heating system ensures even heat distribution, guaranteeing consistent outcomes across all hair textures.

  • BABYLISS Hydro-Fusion Air Styler 2973U

    The BaByliss Hydro-Fusion Air Styler boasts a 50mm ceramic barrel that not only dries your hair but also leaves it beautifully styled and radiant. The secret lies in its Advanced Plasma Technology and dual ionic system, which work harmoniously to infuse your hair with both positive and genitive ions. The positive ions open up the hair’s cuticle, allowing essential moisture to penetrate deeply. Meanwhile, the negative ions seal the cuticle, effectively eliminating frizz and locking in the hydration. Your hair is left feeling silkier and conditioned with luxurious shine.

  • BABYLISS Hydro-Fusion 2100 Hair Dryer 5573U

    Experience the future of hair drying with the BaByliss Hydro-Fusion 2100W Hair Dryer. This innovative hair dryer redefines drying technology, delivering fast and efficient results while maintaining the health and shine of your hair. The secret lies in our Advanced Plasma technology, a moisture-balancing dual ionic system that harnesses the power of positive and negative ions to hydrate your hair and eliminate frizz as you dry.

    After using the Hydro-Fusion dryer:
    • 86% said their hair looked less frizzy*
    • 83% said their hair looked in better condition*
    • 86% of testers agreed that their hair felt silkier*
    *Tested over a 2 week period from a study of 59 users

  • BABYLISS Pro 235 Smooth 2398BU

    The BaByliss Pro 235 Smooth straightener reaches 235oC salon temperature and with its Advanced CeramicsTM heating system, it has fast heat up and maintains constant high heat during use. The 25% longer tourmaline-ceramic plates, glide through the hair for an ultimate smooth finish.

  • BABYLISS Velvet Orchid 235 Straightener 2513U

    The BaByliss Velvet Orchid 235 Straightener creates smooth, sleek, shiny hair. The straightener heats up fast and has a top temperature of 235°C. With 6 digital heat settings, you can choose the right temperature to achieve lasting smoothness for your hair type.

  • BABYLISS 24mm Gold Ceramic Hair Straightener ST420E

    Achieve smooth everyday straightening with the BaByliss Gold Ceramic straightener reaches 235oC salon temperature. With three LED digital temperature settings to choose from, this straightener is suitable for all hair types. Gold ceramic plates and curved housing offer flexible styling options.

  • BABYLISS Straight Pro 230 2089U

    With smoothing tourmaline ceramic plates that glide effortlessly through the hair, the BaByliss Straight Pro 230 gives sleek, shiny results. Featuring 2 temperature settings for controlled styling and consistent lasting results on different hair types.

  • BABYLISS Big Hair Rotating Airstyler 2775U

    The BaByliss Big Hair Rotating Airstyler with iconic rotating brush adds dramatic volume, smoothness and shine to your hair as you style. With its large 50mm ceramic barrel that adds fullness and body as you blow-dry, while soft bristle brush work with the ionic, immediately enhancing the look and feel of your hair.

  • BABYLISS Flawless Volume 2764U

    Simply brush dry and style. Achieve beautiful fullness and shape as you blow-dry with lightweight, easy-to-handle BaByliss Flawless Volume. With ionic frizz-control and titanium ceramic barrel, it gives perfect salon blow-dry results at home.

  • BABYLISS Salonlight Dryer 5568BU

    With all the essential features you expect from a professional hair dryer, you can dry your hair quickly and style it perfectly. The combination of 2100W power & professional AC motor makes this hair the most powerful of its kind. Experience a professional drying and styling at home like at the hairdresser!

  • BABYLISS Travel Pro Dryer 6344H

    The combination of 1600W power & professional AC motor makes this hair the most powerful of its kind. Experience a professional drying and styling at home like at the hairdresser!