Babyliss Men

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  • BABYLISS Multi-10 Titanium Multi-purpose Trimmer E826E

    It is a professional grade rechargeable trimmer with 5 interchangeable cutting heads for total face and body trimming and grooming. Perfect for keeping you well groomed.

  • BABYLISS 10 in 1 All Over Grooming Kit 7056U

    This BaByliss 10-in-1 grooming kit allows you to stay looking sharp with its multifunctionality. Shave, trim and style facial and body hair with this handy men’s grooming kit.

  • BABYLISS Multi-8 Multi-purpose Trimmer E824E

    The BaByliss multi-8 trimmer is a versatile men’s grooming solution. Stainless steel blades make light work of thick or tough facial and body hair for a complete make grooming regime.

  • BABYLISS Cheveux Hair Clipper E781E

    A versatile pair of hair clipper for your home, complete with beard-comb attachments to trim beards of varying lengths. Achieve a perfectly groomed style with BaByliss cheveux hair clipper. The must-have tools for a clear cut no matter your style!

  • BABYLISS Cheveux Hair Clipper E751E

    Enjoy a barbering experience in your home with BaByliss cheveux hair clipper; very high-quality materials, ergonomic design, powerful motor and precise adjustment of cutting height. For a perfect cut on all types of hair even the thickest.

  • BABYLISS Hair Clipper E696E

    The BaByliss hair clipper offers a quick and effortless way to cut and trim your hair. It delivers professional-standard cutting at home to save you time and money.